Course Title

Course Title


Modify Instructions

To change the instruction text, modify the text box on the "Introduction"page


Change # of Questions:

Navigate to the "Gameshow_Argyle" page and modify the variable in the action CHANGE_#_OF_QUESTIONS (4 - 20).


Change Passing Percentage

Navigate to the "Gameshow_Argyle" page and modify the variable in the action CHANGE_PASSING_PERCENTAGE (10-100).


Modify Questions

To modify the question text, navigate to each question group (Q01, Q02, etc.) and modify the text.


To modify the correct answers, expand the actions that are happening on the question text box and modify the values in the SET_ANSWER_HERE action (a,b,c, or d). Add "mr" if it is a multiple response question.


To modify the correct and incorrect feedback, change the text in the corresponding groups (Q01_Correct_Feedback, Q01_Incorrect_Feedback, etc.)


Modify Results

To modify what appears when all of the questions have been answered, modify the objects in the "Passed" and "Failed" groups on the "Results" page.


Modify Conclusion

To modify the Conclusion text, modify the objects in the "Conclusion" group on the "Results" page.



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