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This is a storyboard template, perfect for any instructional designer. This template will allow you to save time as well as create a clean storyboard for your client. This storyboard allows you to intake client/SME observations and suggestions. You will be able to keep track of your instructional design and development characteristics and project needs. This storyboard is based on a content and context presentation model meant to streamline your design process and the client review time frame. 

Template Details:
• Course Version Tracking
• Organize course from client style guide
• Build Table of Contents
• Organize on-stage text and images
• Course Map
• Logic Flow
• Engaging Elements Table
• Interaction Type Icons

System Requirements:
• PowerPoint

Versions / Updates
• Version 2.2 - Released July. 1 2015: Added quiz properties slide.
• Version 2.1 - Released Mar. 3 2014: Added User-Editable Text fields.
• Version 2.0 - Released Feb. 6, 2014: Additional feature updates.
• Version 1.0 - Released Oct. 4, 2013


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Adrienne Freeman-Smith Nov 04, 2018 Edit

Thank you for sharing this generous template. It is an extreme time saver!