#21439, Edgy 2: Presenter Skin

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Player skins include top bar, bottom bar, menu navigation, bottom bar navigation and seekbar.

Presenter '13 Notes

Desktop only custom Presenter skin. Download the player file zip. Once you unzip the files you will see two files the frame.swf and the color.xml. Place both files within your presentation_content folder when your course is published to apply the custom Presenter skin. You can also change the color.xml file within the same folder and tweak the color and settings within the XML file to change color and transparency.

Versions / Updates:

  • Version 1.1 - Released 22 May 2014: Fixed menu sizing
  • Version 1.0 - Released 10 Feb. 2014

Not all features are supported in Articulate Presenter SDK

Check support link for all features that are not currently supported in the Articulate Presenter SDK. If you wish to see these features implemented please contact Articulate directly.


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