#9192094, Storyline: Character Courtney

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This character has 10 states (poses) built into an Articulate Storyline file.

When you open the .storytemplate file this character gets loaded into the Storyline Template Library.

Simply go to Insert / New Slide and choose this file from the template dropdown. Once this character is inserted into your course you can copy/paste it onto any slide and display the states (poses).

System Requirements:
• Articulate Storyline 3 
• Articulate Storyline 360
• Articulate Storyline 2

Versions / Updates
• Version 2.0: Released 29 Dec. 2015


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Di van Santen Feb 21, 2018 Edit

Thanks heaps for the tip, Melissa! I was struggling to find the other 'states'!

Melissa Harbour Jul 28, 2017 Edit

The poses are available as states. After you've inserted the character, click on it and click the States tab at the bottom.

Heather Ballard Jul 20, 2017 Edit

I could download only 1 pose not 10 as written

Irina Kolchanova Jul 20, 2017 Edit

I could download only 1 pose not 10 as written

Shane Traynor Feb 20, 2017 Edit

Great character that will suit many scenarios. Thanks